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  • My Wabash Story: Danielle Strange

    • Date: 6/15/2023 2:05:29 PM
    • Author: Aidan Freeman

    Danielle Strange is an Assembler in Lafayette, IN. She tells a story of overcoming social anxiety and branching out to different locales to discover a journey she never thought she would uncover. With plenty of opportunities to confront challenges and embrace the Always Learn mindset, she is a creative spirit whose journey brought her across the states and back to Indiana where she’s established her roots.

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  • My Wabash Story: Andric "Andy" Ingram

    • Date: 4/19/2023 12:57:11 PM
    • Author: Aidan Freeman

    Andy Ingram is a seasoned Wabash employee of almost 29 years. A little league coach for multiple sports, he tells us a story of his journey throughout the company, including an eye-opening moment in his history that almost led to losing his job, and the key individuals and memories that shaped his mindset that he employs in his teaching methods today.

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  • My Wabash Story: Terri Horton

    • Date: 2/14/2023 2:04:12 PM
    • Author: Aidan Freeman

    Terri Horton is the Glue Line Coordinator for Wabash in Harrison, AR. Her Wabash Story is one of incredible growth, not only for herself and her career, but also for Wabash over the years. She shares with us the personal and professional difficulties she faced from when she began her career to the drastic changes in her job and environment today.

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  • My Wabash Story: Chris Huff

    • Date: 1/26/2023 4:54:13 PM
    • Author: Aidan Freeman

    Chris Huff is a long-term Wabash employee, responsible for the coordination of the DuraPlate® wall assembly facility in Cleburne, TX. As an individual with a plethora of experience, his story is one of intense growth, passion, and dedication to the work he does.

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  • shutterstock_1059249965-737x540-e2c5d88e-e859-4363-b066-2e9c93f6feda

    Four Ways Our Wabash Management System Principles Facilitate Inclusion

    • Date: 12/11/2020 6:06:02 PM
    • Author: Claire Haggard, Wabash Management System, Enterprise Manager

    This year, Wabash National formally introduced the Wabash Management System (WMS)—a set of principles and standardized business processes to advance Wabash National’s strategy, breakthrough improvement and increased magnitude of results. WMS is guided by five key principles. These principles are centered around lean thinking and state that lean application must extend across and throughout our entire enterprise, not only our manufacturing processes. This means we must consider lean in non-traditional settings, such as improving our culture.

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