Our Commitment: Delivering the Best ROI

There’s a reason why Wabash is known for being an innovator—our commitment to excellence ensures a high-performance solution, from our advanced composite technology to the preferred semi-trailer in North America. Our world-class team drives toward this common enterprise goal of delivering the best to each and every customer. 

We begin with the question: how can we deliver the best ROI? What would that mean for materials, workmanship, and manufacturing? How do changing regulations and standards affect our customers? What might happen in the near future that might affect product lifespan? Then, we get to the serious work of problem solving and innovation.

At Wabash, we’re future-focused industry leaders. Value and performance characterize everything we make.

ISO Registrations 

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As the first semi-trailer manufacturer in North America to receive ISO 14001 registration, and currently also holding ISO 9001 registration, Wabash leads the industry in quality and environmental management. 


Wabash wins awards for safety and environmental stewardship, and is recognized as among the best U.S. manufacturers. However, our commitment and industry leadership are not driven by titles. First and foremost, serving our customers to the best of our ability is how we gauge our success. 


Wabash works with industry organizations as well as government and regulatory agencies to drive safety, progress and thought leadership. We use these advances to drive the innovation that enables us to deliver the best tractor-trailer ROI for your operation.